How many images are included?


Depending on how long I am with you, for weddings I offer a minimum of 400+ images! Intimate weddings are a minimum of 250+ images. For sessions, which start at an hour, I will guarantee a minimum of 50+ images. Although, all weddings and sessions are different, so I don’t like to set myself to a specific number. I don’t want to leave anything out or cut images I want to deliver to stay at a specific number. I want you to get the most you can!

Do you deliver RAWS?


Honestly, I hate just saying no, but no. I do not deliver RAW images. A big chunk of what I do is in the editing, creating something beautiful and delivering a fully done image. A RAW images is simply undone, but I can assure you that I won’t be leaving anything out. I will work my hardest to deliver all the moments! If I have failed to do so, just ask me and I will look through the images again! I often over deliver a job because I want everyone to be the happiest they can be with the final product. I know an image the speaks to me may not be your favorite in the bunch!

Can you photoshop us to look skinnier & have clearer skin?


I put a lot of emphasis on emotion and making you feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera and on your big day. I want to have fun with you, laugh, cry, feel every bit of it that we can. I know, we are all humans, we have insecurities and I know first hand I tend to focus on them when I am in front of a camera, but no I do not photoshop who you are in an image. I want you to be you. I will however fix blemishes or anything pulling from the image.

What if the wedding is cancelled or rescheduled?


The retainer is non-refundable, if you cancel the wedding. If you have to reschedule the wedding, I will require another 50% retainer for the new date. This is not something I do comfortably, I don’t want to drain you of your money or put any added stress on you in the planning/budget process! But when I save the date, I am missing out on a potential job and am relying on that money for all that adult stuff!

What happens if you can’t make it to our wedding?


This is a huge fear of mine! Trust me, as I know it is something you are concerned about as well! If something like this were to happen I would find another photographer I trust to go and shoot your wedding in my regrettable absence. If, however, neither I or my replacement could be there you will get a full refund.

What do we do if it is raining at our engagement session or wedding day?


I love rain! I love wind! I think it is totally doable to work around these conditions and create magical moments within them! If, however, it is a storm, we will find a way to make this work! On your engagement session we can always reschedule it if it was so bad that, for example, it could ruin my equipment.

Do we need a second shooter?


I highly, highly value a second shooter! I believe they are invaluable. They can provide so much on the artistic side, they can help with the timeline (for example, while I am capturing the bride getting ready, my second shooter can capture the groomsmen), & if something were to happen to my images (AH!) there would be plenty to still work off of!

How do you accept payment?


I prefer to be paid with checks, as of right now, but I will be making changes soon! Stay tuned!